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Act local, help global

Welcome to NeighbourFood

Start from your neighbourhood with NeighbourFood

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Food Sharing

Instead of throwing away perfectly good food, let someone else enjoy it.


By purchasing meals through NeighbourFood, the proceeds are directed to charity.

Cheap Meals

The price of the meal in NeighbourFood is what it costs to make it.

Healthy Food

A home cooked meal is healthy alternative to fast food.


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Meet our team

NeighbourFood Klaus

Klaus Hannus


NeighbourFood Juho

Juho Hannus

Co-founder - CEO

NeighbourFood Anh

Anh Pham


NeighbourFood Hai

Hai Phan

Software Engineer

NeighbourFood Huong

Huong Pham

UI/UX Designer